I tried to keep Bruno out of the bed

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I’ve been trying a little harder to implement Doggy Dan’s instructions into my routine. But Bruno is not making it easy at all. 

Bruno knows how to get down from the bed with a step stool that I put next to the bed, but for some reason he can’t get up using it. He’s only done it once when he was super energized and excited and sort of bounded up, but hasn’t done it ever since. So in the middle of the night he leaves the bed for whatever reason then when he comes back he starts making a fuss on the mattress. Last night it evolved into growling at me! I was sure he would soon start barking so I gave in and let him up, but that’s not what I want him to do.

He’s got his little bed and he plays around in it but what I want for him is to be able to go up and down the bed when he wants to. This, I’m sure is not allowed in the type of training I’m following.

So he keeps jumping up at me to get me to respond and I keep letting master Bruno lead the way. It’s embarrassing.

I noticed the training did work with the rain and thunder the other day, he was much less nervous when I ignored everything and just kept playing my video game while the noises were in the background. 

It’s so easy to think of them as humans with human needs. When your child is scared our instinct is to hold them close and give them reassurance and a feeling of calm from being protected but that is not what a dog understands from the same behavior. To them it means my owner is scared so we are in real danger.

Before I understood that and we had a thunderstorm – a big one though- I held Bruno close to me and held him and caressed him and he would just keep trembling. I didn’t know any better.

The potty training is going slow. He’s using the pads more often and poops around the downstair pad but he’s going somewhere else half of the time as well.  Today I spent over 30 minutes in the back porch expecting him to pee. I tried for an exercise walking with the leash (because he doesn’t pull like most dogs, he refuses to move at all) outside and then went back in. I didn’t give it much thought but I went immediately to the kitchen to put my keys back in the holder and he was next to me and peed right there.

I forget that with puppies they need to go whenever something changes. After they eat, sleep, exercise.

I acknowledge that all his mistakes are my fault as I’m not giving him clear instructions or sometimes I get carried away with work and don’t realize he’s still 6 months old and can’t hold it that long. Patience is the key.