Progress report on becoming a dog trainer

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I want to document my progress on becoming a dog trainer.
I started on September 26, I thought I’d be further along by now. But I’ve only got Saturdays to work on this. And usually just half the day. And it’s been slow, I’m still on the dog training in the basics. And I’m a little bit discouraged, because my dog is a mess. According to the program this means that I’m not applying the rules properly, I know that. At least one of the rules I’m not doing and, and these are the five golden rules according to Doggy Dan. And you can find them more about his training course, in this link, as he’s the online dog trainer, and that’s an affiliate link.

When I found him, I thought he was just like, the most amazing dog trainer in the world, because he gave me results immediately on several things. But there are other things that have been harder for me, because of the way I’ve thought of my relationship with dogs in the past. I’ve been more like a mother than a dog owner. So that that sort of ruins things, the limits that you need to put when you are training a dog.

Now this dog training program is really complete. I started with a basic course on just training your dog but then I moved on to one where you want to become a dog trainer, not everybody wants to do that. I’ve always wanted to do that ever since I was young, because I had to put down a dog that was young and healthy, because he attacked our maid about two times. And we even we didn’t do anything in those two times. And then he tried to attack my cousin, which was a little girl, maybe two or three. And she’d been with him since she was seven months old. And he was used to her and all of a sudden he just went for her and my family said you got to put this dog down. And I had search for trainers and, and specially specialists but in my country, we don’t have that many behavioral specialists for for animals. And I tried to teach myself but it was very difficult. So I had to put him down.

I’ve always wanted to have a little bit more control over my my dogs because basically they they do with me as they please. They do in my house as they please, whatever it is they want. With Bruno at least have gotten him to pee on pads. But he doesn’t do it 100% of the time. Now Doggy Dan gave me a good tip. So I need to try that one out. But the lessons, the lessons of the course are going slow because I myself I’m a little overwhelmed because I’m doing a lot of things at the same time. And dog training is not the number one thing because it’s not something that I’m going to pursue as a business.

That’s what the course is for the on the Dog Training Academy is, for setting up your dog training business and things like that. And I’m not looking at it for that I want the certificate and I want to be able to know more about dog behavioral issues and how to treat them. Because I’ve always wanted to help people with that and help myself with that. So it’s going slow. And but I am going to the coaching calls that Doggy Dan has and they’ve been really really good for me.

There was this one, the first one it’s so funny because he was talking about a client that was having problems with their dog. And after a long while talking about this we figured out that it was the dog was sleeping in the bed. And then the lady acknowledged that the dog was not only sleeping in the bed was was sleeping on top of her husband’s ahead. And everybody laughed. And I was like, Oh my God, because Bruno at that time was sleeping on top of my head. And I even made space for him. Now, it’s like saying, Okay, that’s a good place for you. But oh my god, he’s like, he’s the leader, he’s too young for that. Because he’s on top, he’s on top.

And, you know, right away, I knew that I needed to get him off the top of my head, and I no longer let him do that. But I learned that lesson on that first call. And on the second call, I talked about the the toilet training, and I got some really good advice. So those are really valuable and come with the program for the Dog Trainer Academy. The coaching calls with Dan are really valuable. And I love it. I love that part of it. I didn’t think I would do it. Normally shy away from from interactions and zoom calls and things like that, I don’t like them. But I decided that I wanted to do these. And it was really, it’s worth the investment.

So I need to be more firm, I think with my schedule or how I watched the videos. I’m stuck on one lesson right now, and I need to get through it. And there’s always a quick quiz at the end. So I have to deal with that as well. So this is important to me, and I have to make time for what’s important. And if dog training is something that you might want to be a part of, if you want to be a dog trainer, and you find this program that suits you, you will have it will mean you will have to dedicate some time. So things like this are not something that you just binge watch over the weekend and get done. No, you have to dedicate your energy to doing that. It’s a serious commitment. I mean, they don’t I’m not obligated to follow a schedule or anything. But it’s more about having clear goals I think.

So, that’s the progress report. I’m being slow, but I am still doing it and I still think is an important part of me my life because of my relationship with my dog. And because I want to have another Yorkie when Bruno’s one or maybe one and a half, I want to introduce another dog. And I need to have Bruno handled when I do that, because if not, it’s going to be mayhem for me. And dealing with a puppy was not easy this time. So I don’t expect it to get any easier later on.

The gist of it is, if you want to become a dog trainer, you need to dedicate some time to it. You’re going to have to set apart some time and you’re going to have to motivate yourself to be able to get through all the material because there’s a lot of it.