I needed 1 on 1 help with a trainer

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Just got off a Zoom call with a trainer regarding Bruno’s behavior. She’s adamant about me sticking to Doggy Dan’s golden rules. I know I’ve been flaking out on rules 3 & 4 because Bruno is so darn cute and I love when he jumps up at me with those little paws. I realize if he were a bigger dog I’d be more careful about letting this behavior continue.

Bruno’s well being is my first concern and I know that down the line I will have less problems if I set some rules today.  I’ve had a Yorkie before and they can be willful and stubborn, though the trainer says it doesn’t matter what breed they are, it’s their personality.

So my plan of action is:

  1. Adhere to Doggy Dan’s 5 golden rules religiously
  2. Be proactive with certain behaviors like the food stealing
  3. Try again with the short lead to set boundaries with the cats

I didn’t even get to the toilet training, but I think I pushed that topic aside because I’m ashamed of it. I’m too low energy to go walk the dog outside, so I want him to do his business in a specific place on the back porch. I’ve been using the training pads to some success. He uses it 50% of the time. 

I acknowledge that most of his mistakes are due to my own behavior and laziness. I just need to remember that puppies want to go after sleep, food and exercise.  Whenever I forget that I get a mistake. I don’t punish him or yell at him because it’s not his fault!

I’ve been so stressed about making sure Bruno grows up right, sometimes I need a time out myself and just leave the house to get food. Not the best way to deal with it but puppies are a lot of work.

He’s now calling my attention and I’ve gently pushed him away. He’s insisting and it’s killing me. How can a little bit of a dog rule my life?