First Time at the Groomer’s

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It took me a little while to take Bruno to the groomers. I felt I had to do this myself and I could take care of a lot of things like trimming his hair and making sure he was clean. However things like cutting around the ears like they do and dealing with nails and anal glands were things I was not willing to do.
I have to admit that, with my first Yorkie, I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I did not bathe him for about a year because he smelled like a puppy. And I didn’t want the puppy smell to go away. But Bruno is different and a week after he got here, he needed a bath. So I, of course, I’m always on my head in my head, thinking the worst possible things and I was dreading bathing him.

I didn’t know if he was gonna like to be bathed, or if he would accept it or the blow dryer because he’s not courageous. Not very courageous (he’s just a puppy and needs to be introduced to new things slowly). I didn’t know if the whole process would traumatize him. So of course I didn’t think to take him to the groomer right away becauseI was handling it and I was cutting his hair by myself just using my fingers as a as a ruler for what length I wanted his hair to be and we seemed to be doing okay, his face could have used a little bit more trimming, but I wasn’t so secure in my in my in my own abilities.

In December, we’re going to do a photoshoot for Christmas. He’s such a beautiful boyand I wanted him to look his best. I also needed to know how he would look if I took him to the groomers and if he was going to be a decent experience for him. So after a lot of thought, I took him and I was I think I was most scared and I kept apologizing to him for whatever traumatic event he was going to live because you know, they do the nails and do the anal glands and they do all sorts of things and he had a few little tangles on his legs that he wouldn’t let me get rid of so the groomer would have to either cut those or or just comb through them and I kept apologizing to Bruno the whole way.

I knew it was going to be a stressful, stressful thing for him. So I went in and I took him and the guy says comes back to me and calls me and he says look at his his belly. And he had a few little bruises that I had noticed, but I thought they were normal. And I told him okay, I acknowledged that he has those things. And maybe it’s an allergy. So he went after he showed me everything’s I guess he wanted to show me that. That Bruno wasn’t 100% Okay, when I delivered him to him, and acknowledged that so I left and I was oh my god, so nervous about what he was going to go through but I knew that the guys they work on this have a lot of experience. The front part of the of the pet place and they have this whole transparent glass where you can see them working. And they’re always very gentle with the dogs. So you can tell they’re transparent in what they do and how they treat their dogs. And I’ve always seen them doing a good job whenever I went to that particular particular pet place. So I trusted them. And I know they handled hundreds of dogs so so they know what they’re doing.

They did really good job. And I was very satisfied with everything. I don’t know if you were supposed to give them tips but they don’t have a tip jar or anything. So that’s a shame. But I was so happy. And now. So now we are ready. And then next time is going to be in November when I Take him the day before our photo shoot. I want to take him for a trim and for a bath and a trim so that he looks as handsome as he is in our photoshoot.

I did take him to the vet section immediately after they gave him to me and she says it’s got to be an allergy to something we use in the house. She gave me something to clean him with daily and something for the allergy.

I’m not always going to take him to the groomers because I can bathe him myself. It is really a quick bath but he always has a little bit of a reaction to the shampoos that I use, even though I bought him an hypoallergenic shampoo. He still has redness in the skin so I don’t know what exactly I’m going to be using from here on forward for him regarding shampoos, but he is absolutely the handsomest little baby a mother has ever had.