Bruno’s Homecoming

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I went to lunch to celebrate my birthday with my cousin Nicole her boyfriend and my cousin Meche. We met on Saturday 6th because I was busy on the seventh which is my actual birthday and we went to one of my favorite restaurants called Napoli. It’s Italian cuisine and we were early (at my request). So they were sitting outside the the restaurant when I got there and they they said Happy Birthday and everything gave me a little present and I opened it and I see something weird… I see these cute bandanas and I’m thinking are these for my cats? but the bandanas are around a cardboard Yorkie and then I’m thinking is this for my imaginary Yorkie? I mean, what are they doing?

I smile shakily and put the package aside. Then they signal to this briefcase, which I had thought was a computer, andthere’s this little thing inside it. And they gave me this and it gave me a flashback to one of my fantasies where my fake boyfriend gave me a Yorkie even though I’ve been saying for almost a year that I did not want to own more dogs or more pets at all because I had to take care of them and and I’ve failed with the ticks and the plagues and everything.

I also failed before with the dogs and the toilet training and everything so I didn’t want any more animals in my house. And they gave me this Yorkie and that is my dream dog, a Yorkie!!! And of course I’m like. “why did you do this?”” Oh my God and I couldn’t tell them like you know, I I want to cry. I wanted to cry because I wanted this dog so much. But I was going to fail again and every like I did in the past. Why are they given me this little thing and it’s an expensive gift. A Yorkie is not cheap. And anyway this little baby is just cute good thing it was a boy. So a male Yorkie which is even better because I don’t like dealing with females and their their periods and everything and their their heat.

I guess you’ve realized this is more a rant than a normal post, but this is what that was like. So, I’ll continue.
And I’m like, Okay, I have a new dog. What the heck am I supposed to do with this dog? So we went on and had lunch in the restaurant. He was very quiet and very shy. Very well behaved. And I kept thinking for a name. And after about about 20 minutes, I thought Bruno. Bruno is going to be his name. So I told the table that that’s who he was going to be.

Later, when I went to go home, I’m like, What am I going to do? I don’t have anything for a puppy my house. I actually am one of those persons that enjoy the whole setting up like dreaming, daydreaming. Talking to breeders, reading about the Yorkie breed, reading about the first day. I like to do all that before getting an animal. And they robbed me. They just gave him to me like when he was four months old. So he was already a big puppy. So I’m like, What am I going to do? And we went home. They gave me some food for him. And we went home. And I’m like, What the heck am I gonna do with this dog?

So so the first night he was like sticking to me like glue. He was very shy, very nervous. And he would go everywhere that I went. He was scared with the every single little noise. And the cats, I don’t remember if he was happy with them at that point. But later he became a pest to them. But so I went to give him food and he jumped back. Like he was scared and ran away. So I’m like, how am I going to feed this this dog if he runs away? So I kept trying during the afternoon to give him some food to get him to play with things but he was too tired to so he would be everywhere, everywhere with me and he would be there. Sticking like glue to me.

I will confess, I really liked that because my other Yorkie, my first Yorkie was like that as well. He wanted to be close to me the whole time. So I liked that and I didn’t know that that wasn’t the right thing to do. So we did that bonding and things like that. And he was so quiet, I guessed he will be a shy doggie. So I repeated that behaviour with him, keeping him always close, taking him to every room I was in (he could’nt go up the stairs so I carried him). But at this point, he was very well behaved and calm, so I couldn’t get him to eat his food.

For about two days, two or three days, I got him a bowl, gave him the food that they gave me to give him and everything but he wouldn’t eat the food. So he did find the food but then I couldn’t get him to go potty, where I wanted him to go, which was the terrace. So he kept looking, smelling, sniffing like he wanted to go, but he didn’t, he wouldn’t. So of course, we had some mistakes in the house at that point, and then later, I noticed that he’d been eating from the cat’s food bowls. So I felt a little relieved. But I didn’t know how to do this. Because what am I supposed to do?

So I started giving him giving the cat food, cat food in the morning and puppy food in the evening. So he would eat at least some puppy food in the day. But it was crazy. He would eat in a crazy pattern. He would just take his food and take it somewhere else and eat it and then come back. He was really inconsistent.
And I didn’t like that.

At night, he was great. But there were other little problems, like he barked at every little thing and growled at all the shadows at two or three in the morning. And that was disturbing as well. So that was his homecoming.

I was at least happy that he was a calm puppy but some things bothered me like he didn’t receive me like normal dogs to normal dogs just jump and jump with joy when they greet you won’t he didn’t do that(I changed that and I regret it so much now). So that was worrisome for me. But he would jump for joy when he met other people. So it wasn’t the other people it was me me as his Alpha mom. But I didn’t know better any better than so. So we were set up together and then now I had a dog and I have to learn how to deal with everything.

I managed to change the eating behaviour and the barking with a course from Doggy Dan, The Online Dog Trainer. Read more about his course for dog owners in his website.