Bruno finally used the bed stairs

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Bruno finally did it! he came up to the bed using the stairs I bought him. It’s been about two months since I bought the first stairs. It’s been an ordeal and he has only done it once. He hasn’t repeated it again. But now I know that he knows how to do it so I can keep trying.

What I did first was get one that went flush with the bed and it was plastic and it had about five or six steps to get to the bed. I put it in and he was terrified of it. Now Bruno, I love my puppy, but he is not the most courageous or adventurous sort of dog. I don’t know if he was very sheltered or what. I got him at for four and a half months. And he already had all these these habits that are weird. So I was not surprised to see that he was scared of the stairs.

So I didn’t try much with those. Because I had an alternate step system that I wanted to use. So I ordered that that second one. And when it got here what I did was I made a whole big fuss about setting it up and have him him smell everything and sniff everything. The foam, the plastic, the box and everything. So that he knew it was a game and it was fun. And when I finally put it in I was lucky that one of the Cats seemed really interested in the in the stairs so she was putting her scent all over it. And he was like “Well she’s playing with it, now maybe I can play with it”.

So he’s wasn’t that scared of this one. This one’s smaller. And it got a little lower to the bed. about 10 inches less in the bed, but he can go up and what I’ve done is I’m helping him (pretty much push him) towards it. And then he takes the final two, three steps up on the bed. Now the trainer that has been teaching me (Doggy Dan) how to train dogs suggested for for his potty training, that I use rewards. So I thought maybe I’ll use rewards for this, too. So when he goes up the bed (really when I make him go up the bed), I give him a treat and then he’s sort of excited about that. So I’ve been doing that for a couple of days. And then that’s what happened when he took initiative himself. I think he was kind of frustrated because I was sick and I wasn’t responding to him and he suddenly just like came bouncing up the stairs and into into the bed with me, which is what I wanted all along.

I don’t want to have to be picking him up and putting him down because he gets really nasty when I don’t follow the king’s orders. So I need a way for him to be able to get up and down the bed without much fuss. So I’m calling that a win for me because it took me so long to get him to do that. He’s really stubborn about some things. And I mean he’s still doing it he that he only did it once that once and now I have I’ve had to push him to do it a couple more times. But that doesn’t count because it’s with assistance.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that consistency in traning is really important. I myself can be very inconsistent and I know it’s just difficult. It’s difficult to be consistent. With all the rules that we have to follow when we are outside and doing our work, but when we come home we don’t want to be following so many rules. But I think structure helps. It’s helps with your family and it helps with your pets. And I love being able to have him do new things. I mean, he he’s been learning things. He also learned how to go up the recliner, which I wanted him to do that but I still need to sort of lean down the foot rest so that he can go up there, but he’s picked up much faster on how to do that.

Then how to go up the stairs here for the bed. And it’s a work in progress. He is such a good boy. He wants my glasses and I’m not gonna give them to him, but everything’s a toy lately and I’ve been having to puppy proof the house a second time around because he’s getting into cables and into the my books, my books which are so important to me. So I need to be very careful with those things. So that he he doesn’t destroy my house. Whoa rascal. So this is a short post, I guess.

And my plan is just to keep trying to help him up the stairs. He has a difficulty going down them a little bit when it’s dark. But he makes it happen. So I don’t know I just I think I need to keep at it until he actually realizes that he can do this on him by himself without me pushing him and I just think he needs a little bit more work and more structure and regarding the my training course.

I haven’t been doing it because I fell sick. And I think I’m going to postpone doing the videos until the beginning of next year. I know I shouldn’t do that. I know I should at least watch a little bit of a training videos. It’s just I’ve been very overwhelmed. I just needed to put it aside for the time being, but I’m just finishing up this site and I’m gonna put it up soon. And I think I’m going to do an Instagram for Bruno because he just so cute. And he deserves to for me to be posting images of him on social media because he’s that cute.