Bruno Has Fleas!

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Bruno has FLEAS!!! OH.MY.GOD What did they do? They gave me a dog riddled with fleas! And how am I going to do this? This was one of my biggest fears. One of the reasons that I did not want to have another new dog because I’ve always failed my dogs regarding pest control. I’ve never been able to manage the tics very well, never. They always get the fever that the tics bring and end up with heart problems afterwards because I always believed that I can control it without using chemicals. Because I’m highly allergic to Frontline and can’t handle the application. And I just I didn’t know how to control these things.

Yes, you you’re probably saying but there’s pills, there are shots. I know. But for some reason this became so complicated in my head, that I would just simply not do it. I wasn’t able to do it. It became a whole issue in my head. So my my pets would suffer. So when I found out that Bruno had fleas, I almost flipped over. I didn’t know whether I should banish him fromt he bed, because he’s been sleeping with me. So now I probably have fleas myself. So what do I do?

After I calmed down I did what everybody would do. I purchased flea shampoo and gave him a bath with it. Of course, Bruno being a Yorkie, is delicate. I don’t know if it’s a Yorkie breed thing. If they’re delicate in general or if Bruno is specifically delicate, but what happened was that he erupted in hives all over his body. The poor thing was itching a lot and he was scratching and it just seemed to get worse rather than better. So when I saw the hives, I went to the veterinarian. And this is one of the reasons I changed vets, because he simply did not solve my problems. He was very polite and he was very professional. But he told me basically to use the shampoo again and to just put in some cream on the swollen areas that he had on his little body.

My thoughts were among the lines of “what is this vet thinking?”” That I’m going to use the same shampoo that made him erupt in all these hives. I’m not going to do that! So I left there very discouraged. And my cousin mentioned that she used something that was a pill. So I went and found about the pill. But his swelling went down a little bit.

Finally I did went grocery store and I found the pills that my cousin suggested and I bought a bunch of them just for the next few months because it’s one every 12 weeks so I bought four so lasts me for a little bit. These were chewable pills and well, he didn’t like them. So I had to give them like it was a pill. I had to slice the pill, the short little pill. I had to slice it in four parts and just give them to him like if it was a medication so after that things went well.

About four days later, I realized all my cats had fleas, and that obviously he didn’t come with the fleas. The cats gave him these fleas because the cats will sleep in the bed with me. So I had to get frontline for all the cats. I used the pippetes you only put the liquid in their necks. And I gave them their dosage and disaster averted. But it was very a very tense time for me. A

Thankfully not everybody is like me. I mean other people are cool about these things, but I get all up in my head and that’s why these things happen. But I was happy that I was able to manage it quickly and find a solution for him because I want to do better with this. I want to have a connection with Bruno, take care of him. I want him to be healthy and happy. And that’s really important to me. So I was able to handle this fleet emergency successfully and am happy about it, but I didn’t tell my family that the fleas didn’t come from the breeder. So it’s a secret between you and me.